Our Standards


All Our Homes Have a 5 Year “New Home Warranty” Package (Structural Items only)

Energy Star Registered (Labelled and certified thru government) with air leakage tests and government rebate programs


· Rough grading around home to a maximum of 20'

· Connect all utilities (acreages may have exceptions)

· 1 load gravel in driveway


· Excavation for foundation

· Footings shall be 20" x 8" with 3500 type 50( S.R. concrete)

· Foundation walls shall be formed concrete walls with 3500 type 50 concrete (unless wood or ICF foundation )

· Installation of 4" weeping tile around the footings and covered with 8" deep granular rock cover as per code

· Tar damproofing on interior+exterior wall surface to grade line

· Backfill and final grading as required


· Floor joists shall be open web floor trusses except for landing areas (unless otherwise specified)

· Floor systems to have insulated rim ply sealed with spray foam for an air tight seal.

· Floor sheeting shall be 3/4" T&G OSB sheeting nailed & glued as per manufacturers recommendations

· Exterior load bearing walls shall be 2" x 6" spruce studs at 24" on centre spacing and 2" x 6" spruce single bottom plates and double top plates and sheeted with 7/16" OSB nailed as required.

· Interior walls shall be 2" x 4" spruce studs at 16" on centre spacing and 2" x 4" spruce single bottom plates and double top plates

· Roof shall be constructed with engineer designed wood prefabricated roof trusses including all blocking, bracing and strapping and sheeted with 7/16" OSB roof sheeting, connected with aluminum “H” clips

· Energy Star Windows (double pane with low “E” argon)are white PVC, supplied by prestige

· Exterior doors shall be fiberglass insulated doors in metal clad frame and Schlage keypad deadbolt and thumb latch door handle on front door . Front door is “Mystique” ½ glass style, other doors are 6 panel embossed (unless otherwise shown on the blueprint).

· Attached garages have 2" x 4" walls (2" x 6" may apply)

· Fiberglass insulated garage door includes opener

· Decks complete with trex decking and aluminum rails (unless otherwise noted)

· Optional decks shall be constructed as per plans

· Rough-in for central vac


· Basement floor shall be 3" deep with 3500 type 10 concrete with smooth troweled finish with R5 rigid Styrofoam under slab

· Garage floor shall be 4" deep with 4000 type 50 concrete with rebar grid 2’ o.c. and smooth trowelled finish with saw cuts to minimize cracking


· If on price proposal, driveway & walks shall be 4" deep with 4000 type 50 concrete installed on compacted sand or gravel and broom or decorative finished concrete with a 2’ o.c. grid of rebar and saw cuts to help minimize cracking


· Exterior walls will be covered with 2 layers of approved building paper and covered with stucco or vinyl siding (color as selected by owner and approved by builder) other finishes may apply, see elevations.

· Soffits & Fascias will be pre-finished aluminum and applied with aluminum nails or staples.

· Eaves trough, down spouts, and fastening straps shall be pre-finished aluminum rolled and pressed on site and fastened to provide adequate drainage.

· All roofing, starter strips, hips, ridges and valleys shall be 25 – 30 year minimum warranty fiberglass shingles, nailed  with roofing felt under entire roof. (Color as selected by owner and approved by land developer)


· Round or chamfered drywall corners shall be used on all corners(Some exceptions may apply)

· Wood stairs and stringers shall be covered with flooring of owner’s choice. (Except basement and garage stairs, unless lower level is developed or is previously agreed upon)

· Interior doors will be smooth or wood grain paint grade , window trim to be Style “356"(2 ¼ inch) and baseboards shall be style”343”(3 ¼ inch) paint grade. (Unless previously specified)

· Oak, white or wrought iron spindle with either oak or white hand rails around stairwells. (Unless previously specified)

· Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities shall be raised panel oak doors (unless previously specified) with white melamine bases and shelving and European hardware. Counter tops shall be flat lay arborite, color selected by owner.

· Ceramic tile in kitchen between upper and lower, as well as one 6 inch row of tiles on vanities and around all tub/shower units.

· Interior and exterior door hardware shall be Kwikset and privacy sets will be installed on bathrooms and passage sets on all other interior doors.

· Exterior doors shall have keyed alike sets and deadbolts installed. The door from garage to house shall also have self closing hinges as required by the code.

· Bathroom hardware shall consist of a plate glass mirror trimmed with wood to match cabinets, a 24" towel bar, a towel ring and a toilet paper holder mounted on the side of the vanity or wall depending on layout. (All bathrooms the same)

· An insulated ( R 50 )attic access with weather stripping  shall be installed in a location determined by the builder.

· Mini blinds (tilt & raise/lower option) used in all garden doors

· Various stain colors  to choose from


· Heating shall be a energy star ( 96% efficient )natural gas furnace with an ECM motor and inclusive of all supply air duct work, return air duct work, bathroom/kitchen venting and all floor and wall grills and registers.

· Energy star HRV system that is balanced to regulate air movement in house

· Energy star air conditioner ( 14.5 seer)

· All ducts are sealed so no CFM is lost

· All heating and hot water equipment, gas lines and venting and duct work shall be installed to local code requirements. Inclusive of all gas line installations and gas venting.

· Optional natural gas direct venting fireplace with spark ignition can be installed including gas lines and venting requirements.


· All plumbing  systems and fixtures and components shall be in compliance with all applicable codes

· Fixtures included shall be dual flush toilet, stainless steel double kitchen sink, china vanity sinks, energy star tankless hot water system, white fiberglass tubs and or showers. (Separate showers include a glass door)

· All other fittings, shut off valves, accessories needed to complete the work shall be included.

· All faucets are are chosen by homeowner with applicable budget

· Energy star ( 96% efficient) tankless hot water heater with a recirculation line

· 3/4" meter with ¾ " service

· Tub and shower taps are “Pressure Balanced” to prevent scolding.

· Gas lines to deck and garage


· All electrical raceways, circuits and panels, breakers and switches, wiring and fixtures shall be in accordance with applicable codes.

· X-Mas plug in soffit c/w switch in house

· Main panel and breaker shall be a 100 amp service.

· Rough-in for garborator

· Underground connection is included.

· All switches, plugs and receptacle shall be white. Extra charges apply for dimmer switches.

· The kitchen hood fan and bathroom fans are included and are white in color.

· Fixtures shall be builders standard unless otherwise agreed by change order.

· Attached garages have standard wiring

· 2 exterior GFI plugs

· 4 cable outlets (plus 1 in lower if developed)

· 3 Telus outlets (plus 1 in lower if developed)

· No installations of appliances (except dishwasher if included in price proposal)

· Rough in for satellite (2)

· Rough in for electric in garage for future heater

· Jamb switch in Walk In Pantry

· 30 amp 220v plug in garage

· Energy light bulbs(minimum is 15)


· Undeveloped lower levels to receive R12 insulation in the wall and R 8 behind the wall to have a total of R20 insulation value and 6 Mil Poly on exterior wall surfaces & 2 x 4 framing

· Ceiling insulation is R50

· 2 x 6 exterior walls receive R20 insulation

· 2 x 4 exterior walls receive R12 insulation (garage walls may not apply)

· Vapor barrier is 6 mil poly taped at the electrical outlets and all joints are caulked and sealed

· All drywall surfaces are to be sanded smooth and receive 3 coats of latex paint except textured ceilings

· Attached garage ceilings have R40 insulation (if in price proposal)

· Spray foam insulation can be priced in as an option at owners request


· Carpet, lighting and tile allowances apply.  Allowances will vary depending on what type of flooring is chosen.


· Landscaping or prepatory grading or topsoil

· Hot tubs or Jacuzzi tubs unless specifically detailed in price proposals

· All appliances unless specified in contract price

· Financing can be provided

· Retaining walls and fences are not included but can be priced in


· All items added at extra cost will be added by “Change Order Form” and signed for by purchaser.

· A wide variety of selections available for upgrade from any standard item placed in the home.

Note: All fixtures / hardware / outside taps etc. will be located by & be at the discretion of the builder or sub-contractor unless previously agreed upon in writing to the contractor prior to the work being done. Any changes made after the work has been completed will be an extra charge.

For further details on any of the above items, please come see us.